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Up too early again. Slept till about nine, then had to pee so left the comfy bed. Off to R. this afternoon to fix problems, then off to the sauna with J. to relax. Stay up late today, sleep till 4PM tomorrow, buy food, work nightshift.

My life is soooo interesting :-)

Update 13h00 : As I'm gathering things for the sauna, it turns out I can't find my stuff, apart from my bathrobe. Then it hits me : I've left the bag containing my slippers and things like that at work. Damn, now I first have to go fix a computer, then drive over to work to pick up my stuff and then head off to the sauna. Shouldn't be a real problem, unless the computer stuff drags on and on. Or I could just grab another bag, throw in my bathrobe and towels, and rent some slippers. I guess that makes more sense.

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