Nude power!

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This afternoon the pc fixing took about 2 hours - could have been longer, but the client had to be somewhere around 16h30 - and then I drove off to the Brasschaats Badhuis (sauna) to relax for a few hours. It was quite quiet, not too many people around. Thus, not that much women around either, but it was fun. See, I go to a sauna to relax, not to look at women. I admit that looking at cute naked ladies is aesthetically pleasing, but it's not erotic as such.

I guess that's what many people think when you tell them you go to a nude sauna - that it is a pit of sin. If it were, I'd be there every second of every day :)

Ok, enough babbling now, off to grab something to eat, then a movie. Gotta maximize my 1 day off of work!

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