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Yesterday I emptied my mailbox and found two envelopes I wasn't expecting. One was from Smart/ DaimlerChrysler and the other from Bankcardcompany. The BCC one was due, as it is the time of month to receive my bill for the card, but instead it was a promotional folder for flights using Connections. Some interesting destinations available for acceptable rates, I may look into it, but in the end I probably won't be flying anywhere ;)

The letter from Smart was an invite for the Smart meeting 2006 in Ostend, and as I've always had loads of fun when I used to go to Mini meetings - back in the days I drove a Mini - I decided to go. So, September 24th I'll be heading off to Ostend for a day out with other Smart owners/drivers. Should be fun, and a nice way to meet people...

On September 30th, I'll be attending the marriage of D&K, which will be fun as well. It's been a long time since I had this much things to do in a single month. Gotta get some nice clothes for the occasion though.

Oh, now that I've got your attention, make sure to update your Java Runtime Environment to Update 8. There are some security problems with previous versions. Download here : After installing the new version, you can safely remove previous versions from your computer, and free up quite some space doing so.

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