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It's monday, but I'm not in a monday mood. I got up early (before 9) and did some laundry cleaning up. Then I set out to have a set of photograhps taken for my new ID, and I planned on delivering all the paperwork for it to the correct place. However, some people are clearly in an extremely monday mood : the community service center wasn't even open. I guess they're even worse than banks - who manage to take every public holiday off and then some - so if anyone is looking for a career with loads of days off, now you know where to apply.

I did some shopping for food and personal hygiene stuff - online of course - and will be heading off to the store later today to pick up some food for tonight, tomorrow and wednesday.

Hattrick is offline till 14h00, so that means no browsing the transfer market, no planning my upcoming games. I'll play some Burnout Revenge on PS2 instead. It's my last day off, I should be having fun, right?

Yesterday afternoon's game party was lots of fun, and I beat Joco & Mark on the Buzz Music Quizz, even after they started teaming up to prevent me from gaining too much lead. Better start training, blokes! ;)

Change of plans : the mailman - mailwoman in this case - just stuffed the following things in my mailbox : The L-Word Season 2 (yay!), Black Books (Series 1, 2 & 3) and a new CT Magazine. It's gonna be a busy day :)

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