Maki-Suhsi, Yummy Sushi!

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Yesterday evening, I had homemade maki-sushi for the first time ever, and while quite yummy (I used surimi crab sticks and paprika), I had some problems getting the rolls to "stick". The rice stuck to everything imaginable, so that wasn't a problem, but every time I used my bamboo mat to roll, it pushed out the contents. The second attempt was better as I used less rice and filling and the third roll actually looked like sushi :)

I cheated a bit by using a spare sheet of nori to glue the end and start of the roll together. Then when cutting the rolls up, I figured out quickly that you don't use a carved knife to cut, but rather a plain one, preferably as sharp as possible. Keeping it wet also helped prevent the rice from sticking to it.

I'll have to do that again to get better at it. And I'll get more ingredients to I can make different sushi, how about cucumber, salmon, spinach, radish... More recipes available at Blue Dragon, MediterrAsian or SushiLinks.

Update : I've got a small problem it seems. It's 20h00 as I write this and I'm feeling a bit tired already, but have to leave for a nightshift in 45 minutes. The first one in a series of six. I guess I'll have to crash tomorrow when I get back home.

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