How well are we doing?

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Let's take a look at recent headlines in the news, and determine the current state of affairs in the world :

North Korea threatens US with first strike. (The Guardian) (Idea : We may scare them away, look tough and succeed.)

Iran, Syrian leaders laud Hezbollah ‘victory’ (MSNBC) (Result : Lots of people killed, nothing resolved. War is not an answer.)

Fire-ravaged Portugal faces erosion (BBC) (Caused by : Nature. With a lot of help from people trying to get very rich.)

The list goes on and on... Apocalyse?

Now... yesterday I was watching "Loose Change 2nd edition" (movie also available at, edition with Dutch subtitles at Loose Change, Dutch Subtitles), a documentary about the WTC disaster in September 2001, and while I may not believe everything, even if just 1% of all the claims they make is correct, one thing is clear : we're all suckers and we're being played like pins in a bowling game.

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