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The sun is shining, I'm quite awake and got up around ten if I'm not mistaken. It actually surprised me a bit that I could get up that early seeing I only went to bed around 4. The Neerpelt Open Air festival was quite enjoyable and very well organized.

When I arrived, Soldout had just started their set and I liked them. I liked them so much I bought their CD at the merchandising booth :)

Concerts are a great way to get to know new bands, it seems. Last year I discovered Nid & Sancy, this year Soldout.

The Neon Judgement was solid as usual, but nothing special. Vive La FĂȘte was nice to see again, though it's not really one of my favorites. (Interludium : Els Pynoo has a nice ass, and she knows it). T. Raumschmiere was loud, but couldn't really grab me by the balls so to speak. Front 242 - the main if not only reason I went - rocked hard, playing quite a lot of older songs, and celebrating their 25th year. Fabulous set, and we all loved it.

I stayed for about 45 minutes into the Dr. LektroLuv set and headed home. Loads of young people in the tent during his set, and they all seemed to enjoy it. When he threw some oldies in the "lektro" mix, the place exploded.

An enjoyable evening, time to lick my wounds and treat the bruises now...

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