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I spent much of the afternoon and the evening at B&H's place, chatting, having a very nice meal at the local chinese restaurant and "working" on their IT infrastructure. The "working" part was more toying around and it all started when my dad brought up the problem with the HP JetDirect printserver not working properly. Of course - and I doubt many people are surprised by it - I jumped right onto it and I wanted to "fix" it.

A couple of hours later, we ended up with a firmware upgrade on the router (which was not needed after all), a broken internet connection (yikes!) that was fixed, I had upgraded the firmware of the JetDirect printserver only to go "Doh!" when I realized that the problem wasn't the router talking to the printserver, nor DHCP assigning IP addresses.

When adding a printer on a networked printserver in windows XP, you don't add a network printer. I mean it. You add a printer connected to a network enabled print server by adding a local printer. Go figure. Anyway, once I realized that was the problem, it was quickly game over and the printer showed up, spit out test pages, and everything was ok.

The upgraded firmware for the router and the printserver were not necessary, but hey... why not? They can only help keep everything locked down and safe. I also changed the default password for the router to something else, because even if the firmware claims not to allow remote IP's to administrate the box, one can never be too sure.

I often feel (and perform) my best when toying around with unknown hard and software while chatting away. I'm a geek at heart... and it was a fun evening!

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