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Apparently, that previous entry has caused some commotion, which I didn't expect. I was (just) venting, throwing it all out, hoping that would help. It did, in a way, though now I've got people asking me whether I'm ok and things like that. Sure, I understand them, and I even appreciate their concerns, but if I wanted to talk to someone face to face, I would have done so.

So, thanks, I know you're all around and willing to listen, but I'm not (yet) ready to do so. I'm not depressed, I'm not fatally ill nor am I doing stupid things. Well, nothing more stupid than the dumb stunts I usually pull off.

If you wonder why this is yet another nightly entry, the reason is simple : I couldn't sleep and after reading for a while, I suddenly got the wonderful idea to take the bike for a spin tomorrow if the weather is right. So, I got up to check the weather forecast, and it seems I'll be cycling tomorrow :)

Oh, I went and saw The Fast and The Furious : Tokyo Drift on wednesday. Man, is that a stinking movie or what? Even the dozens of hot asian chicks with tight skirts that barely covered their tiny asses couldn't cover up the lack of a plot. And guess what... Vin Diesel shows up in the final 2 minutes of the movie, claiming to be a friend of Han. Sequel anyone?

And here's some (weird?) entertainment for you all : The Great Orbax: Octopus Saran Tabasco Escape!!

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