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I'm a couple of days late, but here are the TV programs I think seem interesting or entertaining for the next (and past) week (friday to thursday) :

Friday August 25th
The Simpsons [VT4 - 18h50]
Blackadder goes forth [Canvas - 22h35]
Queens Supreme [VTM - 00h45]

Saturday 26th
Dancing on Ice [VTM - 20h55] (with the beautiful Francesca Vanthielen)
The Italian Job [VT4 - 21h10]
You Rang, M'Lord? [Vitaya - 21h15]
The Professionals [VT4 - 23h10]
eXistenZ [Canvas - 23h15]

Sunday 27th
Are you being served? [VTM - 17h05]
Naked Science : Death of the Sun [La Une - 20h10]
Fatamorgana [Een - 20h45] (for the sexy Hilde De Baerdemaker)
Overleven - Levenslang Rugpijn? [Canvas - 21h05]
Charlie's Angels [VT4 - 21h55]
Open en Bloot [Kanaal 2 - 22h40]
NYPD Blue [VTM - 23h35]
Pitstop.TV [Kanaal 2 - 00h25]

Monday 28th
TerZake Zomer : Mad about Animals [Canvas - 20h00]
Seaside Rescue [BBC 1 - 20h30]
The Bourne Identity [VT4 - 21h05]
Trauma [BBC 1 - 21h30]
Traffic Cops [VTM - 22h55]
Comedy Connections [BBC 1 - 23h20]
Men Behaving Badly [BBC 1 - 23h50]
Blackadder goes forth [Canvas - 00h05]
NYPD Blue [VTM - 00h05]

I'll post the rest of the week tomorrow...

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