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Cats normally have 9 lives, or that's what they say anyway. Well, my Tai just used up one of his nine lives and now has 8 left. Most of you already knew that he loves water, but today he found a new hobby : basejumping. Too bad he didn't get to page 3 of the basejumping manual, which clearly states what you need in order to successfully basejump :

- a building sufficiently tall,
- a parachute,
- the guts to actually jump.

Tai took up this new hobby of his using a three story high apartment block, too much guts and no parachute. The result? A call to pretty much all vets in the area and an visit to the animal clinic nearby for a sedative, painkiller and photographs.

What happened, you may wonder? Who knows!? All I know is that he was outside on the terrace and suddenly I heard a "thump" and when I searched for Tai, he was nowhere to be seen. I looked inside - because he often likes to play hide and seek - but no Tai there either. I went back out on the terrace and called for him, but got no answer. Then I heard my neighbor from accross the street yell to me "he fell down!". I hurried downstairs and after a couple of minutes, I found a scared cat under some bushes. I picked him up and was greeted by a meow that went right through me.

At least he was still making a noise. I immediately noticed his front right paw was pointing in a less than normal direction, but apart from that, he appeared to be complete and without holes or punctures. I went back up, put him in his carrier to prevent too much movement and started calling around for a vet. My regular vet - for the cat that is - wasn't home nor available on cell phone. My old vet - for the ferrets - picked up but told me she isn't equipped to handle broken bones and such and gave me a number for an animal clinic.

I knew there was one clinic closer by, but the number I called didn't give me an emergency number. I tried a couple of other vets including another animal clinic, but the vet on call there was en route to a delivery and wouldn't be able to help me out for at least an hour and a half. Some more searching - being online pretty much 24/7 has its benefits - turned up another number for the first animal clinic and I got an emergency number. I called that and explained, and I could come in right away.

After giving him a sedative the vet took some x-ray photographs and the first idea is that nothing is actually broken, but the specialists will have to look into it tomorrow. If it's not broken, it's probably sprained quite badly, and his toes are at an awkward angle. I couldn't see any lines indicating broken bones on the x-rays, nor could the emergency vet, but then again, we ain't specialists.

He's sleeping over now and tomorrow between twelve and one I have to call for an update.

Todays consult and exam was 105 euro already, if they have to operate tomorrow, add 300 to 500 euro to that. Well, if you have animals, you have to be prepared to pick up the bill if something happens to them, but he won't be getting food for the next 72 months I think ;)

Or he could catch about 300 mice to pay off his debt...

I'm considering renaming the blog "brokenkitten" instead of friedkitten - Dumb cat!

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