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In a matter of hours, no less than 12 patches will be released by Microsoft (10 for windows, 2 for Office) and some of them are rated critical. Make sure to install them asap!

While I usually keep up to date, I'm not gonna wait around for them, and instead will dip myself into a hot bubble bath or lock myself in a hot wooden box. It's supposed to be relaxing ;)

Oh... this blog is now also reachable at friedkitten.net, friedkitten.org and friedkitten.tv - Not yet sure if seperate content will be delivered on that last domain, but you have to admit that the idea of producing and broadcasting your own video or TV stream sounds exciting, not?

Rest assured that if something like that happens, you'll be the first to know. If you read the announcement here, that is.

Update : the patches are out. Most (9) are rated critical and/or allow remote code execution. Affected : Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Windows Kernel, DNS resolution, MMC, HTML Help, Visual Basic for Applications, Office. Exploits for at least one vulnerability are in the wild and actively being used. Patch NOW.

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