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Saturday was spent largely at Jess & Mark's place where we met up with the family and had a very enjoyable Mexican evening. Tortilla, nacho's, corona, chili con carne and good company, what more can one want? Sunday was spent at Joco & Eef's place where the three of us and the kids did a little BBQ. Also very enjoyable!

I think this was a very nice weekend, with good food and great company!

After I got home, I looked at the stack of PS2 games I had laying on the living room table, and decided to pop Black into the console. Wow! Simply stunning yet rather easy to get sucked into. The first mission had exactly the right difficulty level to convince me I could accomplish it. The second mission was a bit harder and I failed it on the first attempt, though the glass of Limskaya wodka may have something to do with that as well. Off to do some other things now, like entertain that little piggy of mine named Tai.

Tomorrow I have to make a stop at the post office, pick up some work related items and work a night shift. Sounds easy enough!

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