Water, water, please!

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Holy crap bastard satanic heat! Just sitting down makes sweat break out from all pores, and my main desktop machines has already shitted itself twice today due to overheating. I've now opened the sidepanel and put an extra fan on it to aid air flow, hoping this will provide enough cooling not to let it crash once more. When I just tried to restart it, it threw me a raid error, claiming one of the 80GB mirrorred disks failed. I can assure you, my heart stopped beating for a second there.

I turned it back off, checked all the leads and connectors, and booted it again, this time without failure. I'll keep an eye open for it though, the box is getting rather old so it will probably crashed beyond repair one day.

The only one that seems totally unaffected by the blistering heat, is Tai. He still chases flies, attacks me when I pass some place he has hidden himself and generally is being a total pain in the ass. It's been a long time, I must admit, that he was this irritating. I should check if maybe he's solar powered, which would explain the sudden burst of energy he's been having. I wonder what'll happen when the temperature rises even more on tuesday?

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