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I sure hope not. Tomorrow a last early shift, then in the afternoon - straight after work - off to a client to check his computer and take care of some problems. Tuesday I planned to sleep in, but another appointement has been scheduled for 14h00, so I'll have to get up at some point. Sure, noon is still sleeping in, but not if you're preparing for starting nightshifts on wednesday.

Saturday before work, I go check on my sisters cats - who usually behave, that's a hint for you, Tai! - and then sunday it my last graveyard shift for a while. More nightshifts further down the month though, a total of eleven in August, which is quite a lot.

I still have some decorating to do in my bedroom but there is no rush to do so. It's only being used for sleep, and since I sleep poorly and too little, that doesn't really count, does it? Now, if there was - even a slim chance - a cute sexy lady who'd join me for some play time in the bedroom, the paper would have been up before this sentence was finished. Alas, there is no such thing.

It seems there is too little of several things, and too much of others. Balance, where's the balance?

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