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Temperature has risen to 30 degrees Celsius in the apartment, but outside it "feels" better since a slight breeze has been flowing through the streets. It'll take days to get the heat out though.

I slept a bit better today, after turning on the fan and due to the fact that I was beat anyway. I got woken up by my doorbell ringing, it was a courrier service delivering my GPS unit for the laptop. Yay! Now only the car charger is missing, but that won't show up til monday I guess, as tomorrow is a day off for everyone here. Well, except me that is, as I'll be working :)

What else is new? There's some commotion right across the building where I live, as an ambulance and a Delta Unit have shown up, followed by a firetruck to evacuate someone from the first floor. I don't have a clue how, what or why, nor am I particulary interested. Just leave them to do their job and everything should be fine.

In 30 minutes or so, I'm off to Mechelen to pick up the two harddrives I mailed and posted about yesterday. Ain't it funny how goods can magically appear after a complaint has been made?

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