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My brand new PC arrived this afternoon, but I'll wait to start installing it till I've got the disks in to fix the old desktop. That's my main concern right now, because I want to saveguard all my data before anything else. I may hook up the new box on friday afternoon, even if the new disks still ain't in, so I can install the latest patches and updates before I bring live data to it. Once all that is done - I really hope I can get it done over the weekend - I can format the old one and install something new on it, probably some kind of linux, although I may opt for a clean install of XP and then run VMware so give me a multitude of choices when it comes to OS.

I'm gonna call Zeta now, to check about those disks. Done, they're gonna call me back soon, or that's what they promised. If the disks are in, I'm off to Mechelen to pick them up today.

Update : Crap. The disks are not in, and they offered me a 160GB version for only 10 euro more, but I can't really use that. I explained I needed them to replace a disk that was part of a raid setup and they understood the problem. However, they're having a hard time getting these disks at their suppliers, so this could take a bit longer :(

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