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For the next 48 hours include (in no particular order) :

- sleep (done)
- rebuild raid array (Promise MBFastTrak133 Lite)
- assemble new computer (done)
- enterTai(n) (done)
- clean litter box (done)
- play burnout revenge on PS2 (done)
- update files and file papers (partially completed)
- catch up on mails (done, 652 messages total)
- buy food (skipped)
- fix other computer (paid) or set date to do so (partially completed)
- shower (done)
- upgrade blog software (note to self: check changelog first!) (postponed)

While there is no specific order I'm planning on doing all this, some things obviously need to be completed before other tasks can commence. I think sleep sounds like a good way to start eliminating the list. If I don't sleep now, most of the other tasks will fail for sure.

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