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Security aware users of or fans of the local blog, already know that firefox should now be jumping the fence, leaving the vulnerable version behind. If you didn't get the update, please do so now by going to the Help menu in firefox and click "Check for Updates". A small download and exactly one firefox restart later you're good to go again.

If you're still using - I'd almost wrote "trusty" - old IE, follow that firefox link above to change your browsing experience for the better.

If you're a McAfee user, you may not be able to switch to firefox entirely, as I just found out. Now that on the new box IE has been degraded to the "can't uninstall but don't use it either" browser ir turns out that the nice people at McAfuck write tools that can only be updated using internet explorer. Say what?

"Oh sir, you're interested in this nice new vault? Oh, you're buying it too? Very good sir! When will you be picking it up? In two minutes? Wonderful!" (insert sound of money and cashregisters)

2 minutes later.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir, but you can't transport our vault with that shiney new Lexxxus pickup truck that'll hold the weight of ten vaults. Our vaults can only be transported by an old Nirvana Van that'll come very close to the edge of breaking down." (Note the lack of sound of money or cashregisters now)

Yeah, if I recall correctly - and I do, even at 9 in the morning after once again way too little sleep - I said I disliked the McAfee Security Suite from the start, even if I got it for free. I just clicked the Seach for Updates button and what pops up? A page from McAfee stating : "Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher is required to download and install McAfee products." Lets see if we can trick McAfee into working with a better browser by switching the User Agent of firefox to IE 6.0...

After switching the UA, and reloading the IE required page, we're suddenly greeted by a page claiming they detected netscape as our primary browser and an offer to download McAfee Clinic Activator which will support Application installations and updates. For the heck of it, lets see what happens next...

I download the McAfee Clinic Activator yet it doesn't show up in the extension overview. After a restart of firefox, and another attempt to download and install updates, we're greeted by a blank page. The source shows it doesn't lack content though, but it doesn't display either. I guess you really need IE to update your virusscanner...

Time to harass the McAfee support habibs :)

Nice... If you want to use the McAfee support pages to contact a "live technician" you first have to run a virtual technician which will check your setup. It requires... Internet Explorer. So much for being helpful, though I must admit they offer to download a standalone version. I won't even bother and just look for my Uninstall button instead!

McAfee Personal Firewall Plus.. Uninstalled
McAfee SpamKiller... Uninstalled
McAfee VirusScan... Uninstalled
McAfee Security Center... Uninstalled

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