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It was good with a capital G. Oops, so that should read "It was Good". I'm not talking about my first time having sex, because that's quite a few years ago, but today I did my first ever real wardrive. My senao pcmcia card with 5dBi magmount antenna arrived by mail today - ordered on friday, late in the evening - so I immediately started setting things up, but that proved to be a bit of a challenge. The drivers were supplied, but each time I launched the file, it would open a dialog, allowing me to click NEXT and that was it. It just froze, but when I checked for running processes (not applications!) it clearly showed to be running. After loads of reboots and killing various programs that are always running on my laptop, I got the card installed.

I'm still struggling with the order it needs to get it running from the first time after booting the laptop again, but it won't be long before I get the hang of it. I drove off to work, the antenna placed close to the windscreen on the hood, because unfortunately... smarts don't have a metallic roof, so magnetic foots don't attach to the roof. Anyway, that problem will probably be dealt with tomorrow (super glue and a small piece of metal maybe) and off I went.

I drove the 40 kilometers to work, while netstumbler was happily "boing"ing away pretty much all the time. When I check the number of AP's found, I was pretty suprised : 346!! Knowing that quite a major part of my route is out in the middle of nowhere, and on highways, I really didn't expect such a result. On the way back I got 284 AP's and then the laptop went into hibernation mode because it ran out of juice. Damn! Anyway, I've ordered a universal car charger so that problem should be solved shortly as well.

The antenna works great, but I find a 2 meter cable to be on the short side, because that seriously limits where the laptop can sit and where the antenna can be placed. I think 2m is long enough when running from a PDA out of a backpack for instance, but from a car... quite short. Unless you don't mind drilling right through the roof that is.


Euhm, and what exactly does this thing do, and why is this good for you???

AP? wardrive? what have you been doing???

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