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I got up early, worked a rather busy early shift and then got back home. Unfortunately, no new antenna nor a car adapter arrived in the mail. So much for doing a wardrive tomorrow with new and longer range equipment (both scanning as well as power related). I did some crap online, had a chat with Joco and then went out for a short wardrive combined with some shopping. I got everything I needed, and in addition got myself a network cable long enough to connect the PS2 to the router.

Right now, the connection from the PS2 to the router is installed, tested and the box actually gets online. Yay me! Now I have to figure out WHY I wanted to get the PS2 online again... I'm writing a blog post, watching Anaconda on TV while making dinner at the same time. If you thought only women were multitasking, you're wrong. Or I'm not a man...

Speaking of women : while shopping, I passed this very good looking woman and when she noticed me, she got a very big smile on her face and for an instant we locked eyes. As I passed her, I was wondering if I knew her from somewhere, but I couldn't bring any connection up. After that I returned on my steps to check her again and make sure there was something there, but she was back into her shop and looked at me without a sign of recognition. She was either smiling to someone else when I passed her, she thought we knew each other but then realized we don't, she thought I was a hotty but then opened up her eyes, or she made a mistake. Or she just tried to lure me into her shop in the hope I'd buy something. Isn't that what Sirens have been doing for eons?


Euhm, Sirens can mostly be found near or on rivers/at sea. Strange place to go shopping....

Must be the fountain in the WSC ;)

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