Midnight Madness

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It's a couple of minutes past midnight, everything is silent, everyone is asleep. Everyone? Maybe not... A fourlegged creature sneaks through the night, head up high. Enjoying the gentle breeze that flows over the terrace, a plan forms while attempting to look innocent. Tai is the name, escape is the game.

As he focusses his eyes to penetrate the darkness, he notices a white garden table. The table has been there forever, but never was of much interest to him, but it is bound to change this night. A quick and silent leap puts our escape artist on top of it, broadening his view on the world three stories below. After just sitting there for a couple of minutes, making sure the sole security guard inside the house hasn't spotted anything out of the ordinary, Tai decides to walk over to the edge. "Hmmm, that's a pretty small ridge, but being the olympic champion I am, I think I can stroll over it without too much problems."

In a swift move, Tai steps onto the ridge and to the right he walks, bypassing the divider between two appartments. Let's jump down here, and take a look what all this stuff is doing here. Slowly strolling over the neighbors terrace, Tai sniffs the air and the plants. Suddenly he hears a noise : the guard has caught on to the fact that something is amiss!

Sure enough, a bit of noise on the other side of the divider and a head appears : "Tai, you stupid cat, what the hell are you doing there?" Tai lies down and tries to be invisible, but it's quite clear that the guard has also activated his night vision and knows very well he's hiding in the dark. Game over, or maybe not yet?

Giving up, Tai slowly walks back to the divider and then realizes there is no table on this side. Oops! He looks up and stares right into the guard's eyes who by now has reached behind the divider in an attempt to grab him. Let's take a few steps back, and see what happens next. A curse is whispered through the night. But then Tai suddenly notices something that sparks his interest : some sort of animal is trying to escape, and escaping animals need to be chased, right? Tai leaps over to the edge of the terrace and puts his paws against the edge, trying to catch this feral beast. As he does, a hand tries to grab him, but Tai manages to move away just in time. The escaping beast moves around again, so Tai attacks once more and after a couple of striking attempts, he is suddenly caught and lifted over the edge and round the divider.

Apparently, boss man is not so pleased with my escape routine at ten past midnight... I wonder why?

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