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I just called Smart Center Antwerp to make an appointement to take the car in for maintenance. I also think it's very slowly leaking oil, because the past couple of days the oil light stayed on a fraction longer after starting the engine, then it went off. I just got some oil and poured 2.5 liter into the engine, and now the light stays off. However, I'm quite convinced it leaks, but have not yet been able to find out where exactly.

Anyway, the new oil and the rest of the can I'll now keep in my car should be enough to get me to the 19th, when I take it in. The 19th was the first day they could squeeze me in, because on the 14th the only had time in the AM, but then I'm working an early shift, so that wasn't gonna work out.

Tai is playing with some new toy I just him, and he seems to like it for now. I wonder how long his attention stays focussed on it. Even though he's often irritating, stupid and a general pain in the ass, I love that furry bundle of foolishness, I really do.

Oh, before I forget : Dell managed to get my new machine's status changed from "pre-production" to "shipped" in 24 hours. I'll believe it when it actually arrives :)

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