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That brand new Dell 5150C is damn shiny and tiny if you ask me! I'm busy installing it - including patches, updates and removing a whole bunch of crap I really don't need. The old machine doesn't seem to want to crash no more, so that prevents me from deciding which drive is at fault. I've been stress testing it all afternoon in order to force a crash, to no avail. Well, such is life I suppose.

On the new machine I get a free 36 months subscription to McAfee Security Center or whatever the thing is called nowadays. I sure hope I can deal with it for 36 months because I dislike it quite a lot already. Could just need some getting used to, though I hate programs that tell me what to do, what's allowed and what's not. I'm not a 84 year old granny connecting to the internet or booting a computer for the first time!

I just saw a documentary on Canvas (Overleven) about soil erosion, which was quite interesting. In fact it was so captivating that while I flicked through the channels when another program was on a break, I stumbled upon it and learned as I watched. It clearly shows that there is not just one solution to complex problems such as soil erosion...

Right now the hard disk in the new box has been resized and three new logical drives are being formatted as I write this. I don't understand why anyone would like a single drive 250GB disk, yet that's how the machine was delivered to me. I downloaded Partition Commander and repartitioned it in a couple of smaller disks. Should all be done and formatted in the morning.

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