Hell sounds like icecream

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I refuse to go out and buy an airconditioner, even though I'm about to skin myself in order to lower my body heat. Today temperatures are rising up to 31° Celsius and tomorrow temperatures up to 33° Celsius are expected with little to no wind. My forecastfox actually displays an overheated thermomether for tomorrow, and it's my first time ever to see that icon appear. Not good!

Now, why do I refuse to by an airconditioner? Because it is quite energy inefficient and only usable in Belgium for 2 months a year or something of that magnitude. Economically speaking, it would be the worst investment one could make if you ask me, and environmentally speaking, well... an increase in energy use spikes an increase in greenhouse gasses and that will result in : higher temperatures! See the problem?

Sure, it sucks to be me, sweating all over yet sticking by my principles while others enjoy a nice cool breeze, but I'll just drink more water (about 4 liters a day, some days even 5+) and ride the heatwave out.

I just got back from the post office where I picked up my universal car adaptor so I can provide my laptop with juice while on the road. I also installed a USB extension cable so the GPS unit and the laptop don't have to sit on the edge of the dashboard and the edge of the backseat anymore, which makes things quite a bit safer. I'll just have to verify whether it still works, but that'll have to wait till thursday because it's too hot to be working in and around a car right now. No fun in wardriving while a pool forms in your seat either.

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And yet you live so close to the completely airconditioned shopping center, where we stroll around in the nice t° of (give or take) 23°c.

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