Go Fuck yourself, Murphy!

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Tomorrow, I'll go get two new harddisks because the shop I'd like to purchase from is not open on mondays. A new computer has been ordered as well, and I hope to receive it shortly. This means however, that I have to go to the bank now to make a payment...

A quick overview of the new system : Intel Dual Core 2.8GHZ processor, 250GB SATA HD, 1024MB RAM, a fancy Ultra Sharp Flat Panel 19" Monitor (I was still using an old CRT monitor so far), ATI X600 SE videocard (not the most fancy, but should be enough for my needs).

Update : Murphy strikes back, or so it seems. I just received a mail that there is a problem with my order, so I should get in touch. When do they send out such a mail? At 16h41, and their offices closes at 17h00, so that will have to wait till tomorrow :( I just tried contacting the Brussels branch, but that just forwards me to The Netherlands and they happily say "the sales division is closed for now, please call back tomorrow". Online sales, quick and easy? My Ass!

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