Fight Night Round 2


One thing : the controls suck bigtime. I can't understand that you have to read the documentation for 30 minutes and then still get slaughtered because every time the button seems to do something else. That's just plain annoying and dumb.

My idea about a console game is "pop in, play, have fun" and not "pop in, read, study, get annoyed, read again, get slaughtered, throw game out". When will they get it?


Dear Servme,
As a big fan of FNR2, I must react: the controls don't suck bigtime. They are truly revolutionary for any fight-game on the console. I must admit, if you were expecting a game like Tekken of Mortal Kombat, you'll be disappointed 'cause FNR2 is a very realistic boxing game. If you take the time to learn the controls (I don't even know why you would use the buttons since everything goes with the joysticks) you'll expercience a fantastic game !

Hm... I'll take another look at it later then. Off to bed now, or should I say the pool of sweat? Damn heat!

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