Still can't sleep, too hot. Watching Pirates of the Carribean - Dead mans chest to kill some time. When done I'll kill some sheep if counting them doesn't help me fall asleep.

The new machine was at 50% of it's formatting task when I last checked an hour ago. Starting a format job on three seperate logical disks (one physical disk) of 60GB wasn't the best of options I suppose. Especially not on a SFF machine as the Dell 5150C when room temperature still hovers around 30 degrees celsius. I think I should build myself a server room with some industrial power ventilation and cooling system. Or not. I'd probably kick the machines out and sleep there ;)


Euhm, "SFF" ???

Yeah, SFF :) Wasn't that acronym explained when you hover over it with your mouse, Kenny? Anyway, SFF stands for Small Form Factor and although I can't guarantee that the Dimension 5150C fits the SFF label, it sure is small compared to my old beast here!

It has a BTX chassis and the dimensions are 310x91x363 mm, weighing only 7.4kg!

You actually expect that the readers are going tot 'hover' above each word they don't understand when they can just aswell post a reply. Anyway, I wouldn't have understood 'small form factor' neither, so I still would have asked :-)

Yes, I do, because my readers are smart like that ;)

Well, since it has a small dotted line under the term SFF, I figured people would notice it wasn't a link, nor a regular plain text word. And that they might hover over it. It's a quite well known functionality if you ask me, but then again... I may be a bit too well accustomed to the internet.

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