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I've just completed sending a message to an ebay seller that charged me shipping costs for two seperate objects, yet they arrived in the same package, and a few days late. He promises a 1-2 day shipping, but a game paid (and verified as such by the seller) on the 27th only showed up today (July 5th). The second game was paid and marked as such on the 29th, so even that was late.

I don't think he'll be too pleased with my mail, but I couldn't care less. If he had acted in good faith or contacted me in advance, none of this would have been necessary. If it's not resolved, he'll get negative feedback.

While blogging this post, an appropriate song was blasting through the speakers : "The Finger" by Danko Jones. I saw their concert on Werchter (thanks to technology called live streaming) and loved it so much I immediately ordered two of their CD's. "Sleep Is the Enemy" arrived today and "We Sweat Blood" is on back order, and will be shipped when new stock arrives.

Two more hours before I go back to work, and while not really looking forward to it - I'm could get used to being home all day and do what I like - I'm also curious what drama's unfolded in the 8 days I've been gone.

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