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I've been up for quite a long time already, but I don't think the day is over yet. I feel fine, not terribly tired but I just had dinner - babi pangang - so that might change now I've got a full tummy. Tai is sitting on my lap, trying to give me kisses and generally obstructing my view of the keyboard and screen. The keyboard being blocked doesn't matter as I type pretty much blindly, but I do mess up every now and then, in which case I'd like to see the screen :) Complaints about typo's and other errors go to the Crazy Cat.

Anyway, after a quite uneventful early shift at work, I got home, changed clothes (actually just took off the uniform shirt and grabbed a regular civil shirt) and went off to J. who was suffering some difficulties. The scary "all my texts are gone" issue turned out to be an easy to fix filtering problem. If you ask windows to display all files matching the "MS-Dos with layout" filter, don't be surprised Word documents don't appear. To make a long story short, that was fixed, explained, tested twice by J. and case closed. S. wanted to her computer to be checked as well, and that "free easy virusscanner" installed. Which I did, along with a bunch of Windows Updates, an upgrade for Opera was done as well, and off I went.

While driving around, I got near the place of Vx and M, so I decided to stop over to see if they were home. They were and I spent quite some time there catching up on how life has been for all of us. M hasn't changed a bit and Vx is hotter than ever. When she had to leave at some point, we exchanged kisses - it might have been my imagination - there was more lips to that kiss than a regular friendly goodbye kiss. Which I didn't mind at all.

Lol, she may one day read this and wonder why my imagination runs this wild, or what I was thinking writing this down, but I'm just being honest.

Vx is one super sexy lady and I think that if she were to seriously come on to me, I wouldn't fight her - at all. Vx, if you read this and are offended, think nothing of it. It was my overactive imagination. In case it wasn't just my imagination running wild, call me, leave a comment, whatever.

Ok, that's been enough of my penis talking now, lets get from the sensitive bits to the sensible bit called a brain.

Gee, I'm all talked out.

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