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Hm... so I'm browsing the area and notice an unsecured access point. My wifi card connects to it and gets an IP address. I browse to 192.168.xxx.254 and drop right into the configuration screen for the router. Interesting, but very very foolish if you ask me. I can change settings, even password protect the device if I wanted to. Logging, routing, DHCP server, MAC filtering, I've got everything at the touch of my fingers. Instead, I just log out again...

Why do people want technically advanced toys, yet refuse to learn how to use them, or at least get them set up correctly from the start?

Oh, ethereal is no more. WireShark is the successor.

Update : I was always under the impression that 5 to 6 wireless access points were active in the immediate vincity of my place. When I fire up netstumbler today, and walked around a bit (inside and on the terrace) with the laptop while I had it on scan, it picked up 24 networks. At least 40% of those were unprotected. I think I'll have to get myself a PDA and run ministumbler with an attached GPS module, that would make a nice geek toy :)

Anyone have a spare PDA they don't use anymore?

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