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I got home after my early shift today, and did some things around the house. While doing so I noticed my sofa and I immediately crashed. When I sort of woke up it was about a quarter to seven and too late to go grab some extra food, so I took a look in my fridge and freezer and created a nice salmon and mie dish.

Today that hyped up to the max event starts, what's it called? Oh yes, the World Cup. I guarantee you that here at, no WC news will be posted, unless it has serious social impact. The simple fact that 22 people run after each other on a field of grass, chasing a round object and kicking it - with some luck into a predefined area called the goal - no matter what country or how "good" they are, doesn't give it any relevance. It's still just a game, and I despise how all stations think they "score" by forcing the crap onto their viewers. No matter where you look, football, football, football. Arrrrgh! I draw a red card!

Here's my week in TV :

Friday June 9th
- Tribe [Canvas - 20h50]
- Meetballs III [VT4 - 22h30]
- The Shield [VT4 - 00h05]
- Queens Supreme [VTM - 00h15]

Saturday June 10th
- nothing worthwhile noticed. Anyone have suggestions?

Sunday June 11th
- Panorama : Een droomhuwelijk (about InBev) [Canvas - 20h00]
- In de ban van Urbanus [Een - 20h20]
- Third Watch [VTM - 00h10]

Monday June 12th
- Dieren in Nesten [Een - 20h05]
- Spooks [Canvas - 22h10]
- Feel the Force [BBC2 - 22h30]

Tueday June 13th
- The Human Body [Canvas - 20h50]
- 't Zal je maar gebeuren [Nederland 1 - 22h45]

Wednesday June 14th
- Flodder [VTM - 21h20]
- Monty Python's Flying Circus [Canvas - 00h25]

Thursday June 15th
- Thunder Beasts [National Geographic - 13h00]
- Horizon : The Genius Sperm Bank [BBC2 - 22h00]
- De Wereld van Tarantino : The Children of Leningradsky [Canvas - 22h20]
- Traffic Cops [BBC1 - 22h30]

That's it for today!

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