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It seems no one is feeling as charitable as I was a couple of days ago, no matching donations so far. Well, no sweat, everyone is free to do with their cash as they see fit. I for one am sitting in my living room, working on the laptop while browsing and checking a bunch of papers I need to file my taxes. So far it seems I've got everything I need, which is pretty suprising, yet not really. I've got the good sense to file papers that arrive through the year into the correct map right away, so when the time for filling out taxforms comes, I just have to open one map and find everything I need. Pretty smart, ai?

Update : one and a half hour later, my tax forms are almost filled out. However, I'm not pleased with the outcome. Even though most politicians are yelling "taxes will be lower for everyone", this would be the first year I actually have to pay extra. Not really my idea of a good time, so I'll have to find a way to lower my income (difficult) or raise the amount of expenses (easier). At the current status I'd have to pay 292,87 euro, which is exactly 292,87 euro too much if you ask me. I seem to be missing one document though, which could lead to a tax cut of 312 euro, so that would solve my "problem". The question now is... where's that document? Did I receive it? Did I file it wrong? Are my contributions not acceptable for a tax refund? I'll have to do some searching I suppose.

If all that fails, I can still try to convince them Tai is 66% mentally handicapped, which is not far from the truth I suppose ;)

Update 2 : I just called Fortis, and asked them if the tax refund forms had already gone out, and they confirmed they did. However, loads of people have been calling and checking, so something probably went wrong along the way, and they promised to send me a duplicate right away. That should solve my "pay taxes" problem :) In the mean time, I'll do some reading to see if I can maximize my refund for next year's taxes.

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