Soon on my PS2

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Playboy - The Mansion
The X-files
SAS Anti-Terror Force

I don't know any of these games, but look forward to playing them. 2 more days of work, then new ink. A party to go to on friday (VIP even) then 4 more days off. I'm looking forward to it!

Oh, something I still have to tell you all about Tai : he thinks he's a tiger. Well, a paper tiger for the time being, but still a tiger. He loves chasing flies and much to my suprise, often catches one as well. He also chases empty toilet paper rolls and plastic balls. Maybe I should get him some living prey to chase? How about a mouse or something like that? I bet he'd love to catch it. Sure, it would not be so enjoyable from the mouse's point of view, but there are predators and there is prey, right?

Hopefully arriving soon, new (used) books :

Stealing the Network : How to own the box
Stealing the Network : how to own a continent
A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting
In the Flesh: The Cultural Politics of Body Modification

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