My intentions for the coming days :

- get tattooed (wednesday) [done!]
- sell old car (thursday)
- go party (friday)
- sleep in (saturday)
- compare taxes (any day)
- organize/have a PS2 gaming party (saturday or sunday?)
- read loads of books (any day)

and probably some other things that may or may not come up along the way.


Organize/have a PS2 gaming party (saturday or sunday?) ???

Great, hope I'm invited, I have a major fun game for that kinda party ;)

A kids game, but I've been playing it more with eef as the kids I'm 100% sure it's your type of game


d'r zijn wel een paar dingen die altijd leuk zijn
sleep in staat mij op het moment aardig aan.

Joco, if the party goes on, you'll be one of the first people to be invited! Just make sure to bring a controler. Anyone has a multitap for PS2 btw?

Ego : uitslapen is altijd leuk, en dat ga ik morgen (eigenlijk vandaag) zeker doen!

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