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It's been a pretty busy morning so far. I got up earlier than expected because a thunderstorm and rain that came with it trigged a release signal in my bladder, so I went to the toilet a couple of minutes past seven, then headed back off to bed for another hour and a half, listening to the rain and enjoying the fresh breeze.

Off to the post office, went shopping for fruits and vegetables, then to the supermarket because food for the tiger is running low. I exit the supermarket, arrive home and what didn't I buy : cat food. Right, not really a problem as there still is plenty to last him a week, but I'll go get some tomorrow.

Strange but true, Tai is starting to behave a bit better - and I'm probably cursing my luck by writing this down - and we only run into a conflict once a day instead of every few hours. Improvement, dare I say it out loud?

I've been thinking about making a trip to Canada, but have decided not to do it. It's just too much hassle to deal with to be away for a couple of days. The Cartoonfestival in Knokke-Heist sounds like a good idea to visit instead. It'll depend on how I feel and how much traffic jams there are though to decide when to go. After all, most people start their holiday on July 1st and the last thing I want to do is spend most of my day between stressed out people that go beserk on the highway to the coast.

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