Patching sunday


What does one do on a sunny sunday afternoon when there's nothing but football on TV, and you dislike that? You get on the internet and update loads of things! Maybe you should do the same?

- Sharpreader ( - more feeds accepted)
- Linksys router : new firmware (fixing amongst others a UPnP vulnerability)
- Wireless network card (Ralink RT2500) : new driver (fixing hidden SSID roaming issue)
- ethereal (0.99.0 - loads of fixes)

I know most people install hard and software once - often with assistance - and then never look back, but come on... that ain't the way it works. Well, I'm not going to aim too high here, and be glad if you patched your windows version in the last week (MS Security Bulletin for June 2006 : 8 critical, 3 important, 1 moderate). Have you?

If you think all these patches and updates and fixes are pointless, they are not, according to the BSI : Recommendations for the Protection against DDoS Attacks in the Internet. You, small fish in the immense internet sea, count as well!


patched and ready to go :-)

I'm glad to see at least one person read this post and patched their machine - a victory! :)

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