Yesterday sucked, today should be better. That's all.

Update 15h00 : I clearly forgot to take into account the impact of a load of people working on a saturday, of which quite a lot needed our assistance sooner or later. What options are there to handle a workload of 10 with a team of 5 but to curse and do what can be done with a miracle on the side every now and then? We could all have just said "screw this" and went home, but we're too professional to do such a thing. Unforunately, some people know this and would rather push us a bit over the limit than get more people to deal with the workload. Ah well, another day, another gripe I suppose.


1 advice: it's just work!
look at me, working 10 years,making carreer, then have operation and stay home for 3months, then loose job, nomatter how hard you worked in the past, no matter how good you are, you're just a number for your boss, and if he finds a new number, you get fired

I know. However, I see my job as a way to make money, which then allows me to do things I like, nothing more, nothing less. The day I stop liking my job, I quit.

Today was just a freaky intense day that was a bit too much, but tomorrow I'll probably have forgotten all about it ;)

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