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It's still insanely hot and while I've been able to keep the heat out for 2 days, today the temperature inside has risen to an uncomfortable 27° Celsius as well. Tai is suffering from it and so am I. Temperatures like this make it quite difficult to sleep enough during the day, so I've been tossing and turning again, and in the end just got out of bed around 15h00. I hope I don't pay for it tonight when I start my first nightshift.

Some time was spent yesterday filing papers and doing some balancing on the accounts and checking and paying bills. Today I requested some information about new windows so I can see what's in my reach and what is definitely out.

I cooked myself a nice rice and chicken dish for later tonight : rice, chicken (marinated in soy sauce), paprika (red & green), pods and spices. Should be yummy and healthy as well.

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