I wonder...


Does this sound too insane to you?

- Get off from work on tuesday around 14h00, get home around 15h00
- Drive to Liege on wednesday for a 4 to 5 hour tattoo session
- Leave for Amsterdam on Thursday morning, fly to Toronto (layover @ Kennedy Intl)
- Arrive in Toronto late on thursday June 29th
- Party in Toronto on saturday, July 1st
- Leave for Amsterdam sunday July 2nd, layover in Cincinatti, arrive on the 3th
- Go to work on tuesday July 4th.

My travel passport is still valid - yeah, I checked - the price of the fare is acceptable, and I've got the time off. I just wonder how smart it is to go sit on a plane for 14 hours after getting inked the day before. Flying 6000 kilometers for a party, does that make sense? Well, in my defence, I've done it before but then I flew into the USA, then roadtripped (10h) to Canada, and that was to attend a BBQ on new years eve.

I think I'll sleep on it for a day or two.


I hope you're insane enough to do it! If so, I'll be road-tripping to Canada! HA!

I mean, if that's cool with you and stuff...

That would be cool with me Ash, but unfortunately, I won't be travelling. Too much hassle for such a short vacation :(

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