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Everyone bursts out in laughter when I tell them the latest Tai story, but less and less I see the fun in it all. Yesterday evening when I came home after a long day at work, Tai greets me in his regular way : miauw, then go ravish some carpet with his claws, followed by a cuddle. I walk around the sofa - where another wet spot is, so the damn fool pissed on it once more! - and I step right into a sea of water. Apparently just dipping your paws into the water bowl is for kittens, young adult tigers - as Tai considers himself - play with the complete bowl.

Since I "reinforced" said bowl with a plate underneath to catch spilled water, the new trick is to put your full weight on the edge so everything tips over. Then you can lap up water from the floor, and believe it or not, that floor water is much more tasty!

After bursting out in anger yesterday, and pulling off my soaked socks, I cleaned up. Today... exactly the same. And as this post is being written, the foolish tiger is chasing his own tail. Right under my curtains, of course, so each time his misses that hard to catch wiggly thing called a tail, he's sure to strike some part of the curtain with his long, sharp killer nails.

Cats are fun, don't you agree?

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