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I just got a call from the assistant site supervisor who wanted to know whether I'd mind working a slightly different shift than originally planned. Since it's only 30 minutes off from the planned shift, I don't mind, though I would have not minded working outside again.

I spend most - if not all - my shifts between 4 walls and a bunch of tv screens, so actually seeing some sunlight (or rain) would have been nice. Well, not tomorrow, as I'll be working in a nuclear zone from 06h00 till 14h00, overlooking a lock (and the operations with/on it) between two zones. As far as I know now, a deadly accident has occured in France, where someone was killed when one of the doors was opened and the was still a serious pressure difference. I don't know if the accident is recent, but it's good to know that our client takes precautions to prevent it happening.

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