Bloody Hot

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My internal thermometer doesn't go past 22° Celsius - anything above that and it reads "Bloody Hot". That's the temperature outside, or at least it felt like that when I opened the terrace window to kick Tai out for his sunbathing session. He was nagging me all the time while I was taking a shower and giving myself a summer haircut. I've got a blind date kind of thing later this afternoon, but we're not calling it that. Which is good because if it were a blind date, I'd have to bring a blindfold and a white stick. And I ain't good with white sticks. Blindfolds on the other hand...

I've got some clothes in the laundrymachine and I hope they're done by the time I have to leave, otherwise I'll have to show up naked and everyone that runs into me will wish they'd been on a blind date :p

OK, a quick stop at the supermarket for food and necessities, and then it's out into the blazing sun. Aaaargh, my eyes!

Which reminds me : buy solar protection at the supermarket, or I'll end up fried and crispy.

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