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Phew... I got home about 45 minutes ago, washed my new ink and entertained Tai. Checked my ebay bids and apparently ended up with two copies of Socom II (one with headset, one without). America's 10 Most Wanted and Medal of Honor Frontline arrived today. I also bought Urbz (sims in the city) and Manhunt. Gotta run to the bank tomorrow to do some transfers - too bad not everyone accepts Paypal, that would be so much faster and easier.

Now, the new ink. Unfortunately, we didn't get as far as we both hoped. So now I'm stuck with an unfinished piece of work, but I really really had it after 3 and a half hours. I told Dan that I was terribly close to my limit so he finished the back/side of my arm and then after cleaning it all a bit asked if I was still up for a small piece on the front.

I decided not to go through with it, even while we still had time. He was tired, I was tired and I started tensing up more and more with every stroke of the needles - those of you that have large(r) pieces probably know what I'm talking about - so it would only have made the agony worse. Sure enough, now I'll have to go back to get it finished, but that doesn't really matter as there is still plenty of skin to go round.

Next time we'll finish the half sleeve I suppose and then I want him to look into filling in the spot on the left shoulder/neck area and turning it into a collar/necklace kind of piece. But that, my friends, is for the distant future. Right now, my bed calls me very loudly, and I'm gonna honor that call.

Sleep tight and I'll be back soon. Promise!

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