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I just got home about 20 minutes ago, and to be honest, I had enough. Hatebreed, the Black Dahlia Murder and hardcore in general is not really my thing. I did enjoy Angel Crew a bit, but that was mostly due to it consisting of 2 lead singers, 3 guitarist and a drummer, where most bands I know only have one lead singer. M. later explained - after I told her I found that suprising - that hardcore bands often have a singer and a screamer. The first singer sounded like "AAARRRAAAAGGHHHHH" and the second one like "AAARRRAAAAGGHHHHH". In other words, I couldn't tell who was the singer and who was the screamer, or they both did the two?

Am I sorry I spent an evening at a HC concert? No, I'm not, but I think I next time I really have to bring my earplugs! I'll be suffering from exploded earducts for the next two weeks or so. Now, of course all of you want to know how the blind date that wasn't a blind date went?

It didn't go anywhere, and I'm perfectly fine with that. I enjoyed myself, M. enjoyed herself - I think - and we may hang out again in the future. We like the same things (apart from hardcore then maybe), think alike and have an equally foul mouth. She's a fun person to be around, but she has to deal with some serious issues from the past before she can move on. Is that fair to say about a person I've only known for three days, of which two days consisted of chatting on the web? Maybe not, but I'm saying/writing it anyway.

When going out with someone, don't bring the past up all the time. Yes the wounds are fresh, yes the issue still lingers, yes you did run into your ex-boyriend, yes this, yes that. Bring it up once, then let it rest. First time I listened, second time I listened, third time I listened out of courtesy, after that I got a little annoyed with the issue.

Honesty is a bitch, ain't it? It was a fun night out though!

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Dear ServMe,

As a connaisseur of the better Hardcore music I wish to point out that the singer usually sounds like "aaarrraaagghhhhh", and the screamers sounds like "AAARRRAAAAGGHHHHH".

Just a detail, but details make the world tick :-)

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