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I just got home a couple of minutes ago, after a fun evening - and part of the night I presume - out with Jess & Mark. They had invited me for a meal, but Jess refused to say where we were going. I turned out that they had arranged a table in Yamayu Santatsu, a Japanese restaurant in the center of Antwerp. As some of you may recall, I was convinced I'd be quite fond of Japanese food and today just confirmed my assumption : I love Japanese food. I had a Sushi Menu, which contained a starter, followed by soup, then sashimi, tempura and finally a mix of various sushi and a desert. Very very yummy!

For all it's worth, the restaurant looked quite authentic to me, which of course I can't confirm as I've never been to Japan - maybe some day? - but the fact that quite a few Japanese people were frequenting the place speaks for itself I'd say. The food was delicious, the waitress friendly and correct, and helpful once they realized you were not used to Japanese food. They happily explained the various dishes and rolls, and offered a choice of drinks. The chopsticks were not a problem for us, as we're all quite handy with them.

After a long and fulfilling meal, we headed off to the Sinksenfoor in Antwerp, and after some commotion that happened to cross our path in search for a parking spot, we finally found a place and toured the fair. We didn't do that much attractions, but had fun nevertheless. Thanks Jess, thanks Mark!

For those of you interested in the address of the Japanese restaurant, here are the details :

Yamayu Santatsu
Ossenmarkt 19
2000 Antwerp
Open from 12h00 till 14h00 and 18h30 till 22h30 (closed on mondays)
Telephone : +32 (0)3 234.09.49
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