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Games that use a camera (in this case an "eye toy") to project the player's movement onto the virtual character should be banned. Waaaay too physically challenging :)

So... yes indeed. Saturday also an Eye Toy camera will be present on the PS2 game evening. And the multitap is available as well, so now all I need is players, lol.

Note : Since all the hot chicks appear to hang out on myspace... meet ServMe on myspace! Don't worry, FK will always be the main hub to read about my adventures, my (boring) life and the stupidities I run into.

No sale

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Well, at least not right now. The bloody car wouldn't start, not even after being charged through the battery in my other car for 30 minutes. I guess the battery is totally dead. Of course - and I can't blame them - the buyers wanted to at least hear the engine running, but that failed miserably. Anyway, they're gonna check if they can get a replacement/spare battery somewhere and then call me back. They seemed interested though. To be continued.

Busy as hell.

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I've been running around doing all kinds of things so far today. Went to the bank to do some payments, got home, found more bills in the mailbox and paid those by telephone. Been filing papers, searching for other papers - which I simple can't find though they're not that important - and I've been trying to sell that old Volvo of mine, so far without luck. We'll see how the rest of the day progresses.

In about an hour and a half I'll be off to the post office, then to the bookshop to send some workrelated items back (they sent me the wrong size) and I'll get some food along the way. Then I'll pop in a few of the new PS2 games into the console to check them out.

Tomorrow it's off to OLF 19 (2006) for a good time.


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Phew... I got home about 45 minutes ago, washed my new ink and entertained Tai. Checked my ebay bids and apparently ended up with two copies of Socom II (one with headset, one without). America's 10 Most Wanted and Medal of Honor Frontline arrived today. I also bought Urbz (sims in the city) and Manhunt. Gotta run to the bank tomorrow to do some transfers - too bad not everyone accepts Paypal, that would be so much faster and easier.

Now, the new ink. Unfortunately, we didn't get as far as we both hoped. So now I'm stuck with an unfinished piece of work, but I really really had it after 3 and a half hours. I told Dan that I was terribly close to my limit so he finished the back/side of my arm and then after cleaning it all a bit asked if I was still up for a small piece on the front.

I decided not to go through with it, even while we still had time. He was tired, I was tired and I started tensing up more and more with every stroke of the needles - those of you that have large(r) pieces probably know what I'm talking about - so it would only have made the agony worse. Sure enough, now I'll have to go back to get it finished, but that doesn't really matter as there is still plenty of skin to go round.

Next time we'll finish the half sleeve I suppose and then I want him to look into filling in the spot on the left shoulder/neck area and turning it into a collar/necklace kind of piece. But that, my friends, is for the distant future. Right now, my bed calls me very loudly, and I'm gonna honor that call.

Sleep tight and I'll be back soon. Promise!



My intentions for the coming days :

- get tattooed (wednesday) [done!]
- sell old car (thursday)
- go party (friday)
- sleep in (saturday)
- compare taxes (any day)
- organize/have a PS2 gaming party (saturday or sunday?)
- read loads of books (any day)

and probably some other things that may or may not come up along the way.


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My counting is probably off by more than a little - it being 4h30 in the morning and all - but in 9 and a half hours I'll be done with work for close to a week! It'll be shweeet, and also the longest time off since April 15th 2004 if I recall correctly.

Soon on my PS2

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Playboy - The Mansion
The X-files
SAS Anti-Terror Force

I don't know any of these games, but look forward to playing them. 2 more days of work, then new ink. A party to go to on friday (VIP even) then 4 more days off. I'm looking forward to it!

Oh, something I still have to tell you all about Tai : he thinks he's a tiger. Well, a paper tiger for the time being, but still a tiger. He loves chasing flies and much to my suprise, often catches one as well. He also chases empty toilet paper rolls and plastic balls. Maybe I should get him some living prey to chase? How about a mouse or something like that? I bet he'd love to catch it. Sure, it would not be so enjoyable from the mouse's point of view, but there are predators and there is prey, right?

Hopefully arriving soon, new (used) books :

Stealing the Network : How to own the box
Stealing the Network : how to own a continent
A Hand in the Bush: The Fine Art of Vaginal Fisting
In the Flesh: The Cultural Politics of Body Modification



Yesterday sucked, today should be better. That's all.

Update 15h00 : I clearly forgot to take into account the impact of a load of people working on a saturday, of which quite a lot needed our assistance sooner or later. What options are there to handle a workload of 10 with a team of 5 but to curse and do what can be done with a miracle on the side every now and then? We could all have just said "screw this" and went home, but we're too professional to do such a thing. Unforunately, some people know this and would rather push us a bit over the limit than get more people to deal with the workload. Ah well, another day, another gripe I suppose.

Change of shifts

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I just got a call from the assistant site supervisor who wanted to know whether I'd mind working a slightly different shift than originally planned. Since it's only 30 minutes off from the planned shift, I don't mind, though I would have not minded working outside again.

I spend most - if not all - my shifts between 4 walls and a bunch of tv screens, so actually seeing some sunlight (or rain) would have been nice. Well, not tomorrow, as I'll be working in a nuclear zone from 06h00 till 14h00, overlooking a lock (and the operations with/on it) between two zones. As far as I know now, a deadly accident has occured in France, where someone was killed when one of the doors was opened and the was still a serious pressure difference. I don't know if the accident is recent, but it's good to know that our client takes precautions to prevent it happening.

More updates

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Skype ( - new features and bugfixes)
WinAmp (5.24 - security patch)

A 0-day exploit has been reported in Excel, but no patch is available yet. Read more at secunia. While there, take a look at the Microsoft Windows Hyperlink Object Library Buffer Overflow as well.

Tax Time

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It seems no one is feeling as charitable as I was a couple of days ago, no matching donations so far. Well, no sweat, everyone is free to do with their cash as they see fit. I for one am sitting in my living room, working on the laptop while browsing and checking a bunch of papers I need to file my taxes. So far it seems I've got everything I need, which is pretty suprising, yet not really. I've got the good sense to file papers that arrive through the year into the correct map right away, so when the time for filling out taxforms comes, I just have to open one map and find everything I need. Pretty smart, ai?

Update : one and a half hour later, my tax forms are almost filled out. However, I'm not pleased with the outcome. Even though most politicians are yelling "taxes will be lower for everyone", this would be the first year I actually have to pay extra. Not really my idea of a good time, so I'll have to find a way to lower my income (difficult) or raise the amount of expenses (easier). At the current status I'd have to pay 292,87 euro, which is exactly 292,87 euro too much if you ask me. I seem to be missing one document though, which could lead to a tax cut of 312 euro, so that would solve my "problem". The question now is... where's that document? Did I receive it? Did I file it wrong? Are my contributions not acceptable for a tax refund? I'll have to do some searching I suppose.

If all that fails, I can still try to convince them Tai is 66% mentally handicapped, which is not far from the truth I suppose ;)

Update 2 : I just called Fortis, and asked them if the tax refund forms had already gone out, and they confirmed they did. However, loads of people have been calling and checking, so something probably went wrong along the way, and they promised to send me a duplicate right away. That should solve my "pay taxes" problem :) In the mean time, I'll do some reading to see if I can maximize my refund for next year's taxes.

Karma rules!

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Anyone up for matching my donations?

Tor Donation got USD25
Centro Mujeres Mexico got USD25

If you match one donation, contact me, and I'll send you a bunch of FK stickers because you're that cool - and so am I. If you match both donations, definitely get in touch and you'll get the stickers and I'll throw in something extra (to be decided upon). Remeber people... what comes around, goes around!


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It's been a pretty busy morning so far. I got up earlier than expected because a thunderstorm and rain that came with it trigged a release signal in my bladder, so I went to the toilet a couple of minutes past seven, then headed back off to bed for another hour and a half, listening to the rain and enjoying the fresh breeze.

Off to the post office, went shopping for fruits and vegetables, then to the supermarket because food for the tiger is running low. I exit the supermarket, arrive home and what didn't I buy : cat food. Right, not really a problem as there still is plenty to last him a week, but I'll go get some tomorrow.

Strange but true, Tai is starting to behave a bit better - and I'm probably cursing my luck by writing this down - and we only run into a conflict once a day instead of every few hours. Improvement, dare I say it out loud?

I've been thinking about making a trip to Canada, but have decided not to do it. It's just too much hassle to deal with to be away for a couple of days. The Cartoonfestival in Knokke-Heist sounds like a good idea to visit instead. It'll depend on how I feel and how much traffic jams there are though to decide when to go. After all, most people start their holiday on July 1st and the last thing I want to do is spend most of my day between stressed out people that go beserk on the highway to the coast.

Patching sunday


What does one do on a sunny sunday afternoon when there's nothing but football on TV, and you dislike that? You get on the internet and update loads of things! Maybe you should do the same?

- Sharpreader ( - more feeds accepted)
- Linksys router : new firmware (fixing amongst others a UPnP vulnerability)
- Wireless network card (Ralink RT2500) : new driver (fixing hidden SSID roaming issue)
- ethereal (0.99.0 - loads of fixes)

I know most people install hard and software once - often with assistance - and then never look back, but come on... that ain't the way it works. Well, I'm not going to aim too high here, and be glad if you patched your windows version in the last week (MS Security Bulletin for June 2006 : 8 critical, 3 important, 1 moderate). Have you?

If you think all these patches and updates and fixes are pointless, they are not, according to the BSI : Recommendations for the Protection against DDoS Attacks in the Internet. You, small fish in the immense internet sea, count as well!

I wonder...


Does this sound too insane to you?

- Get off from work on tuesday around 14h00, get home around 15h00
- Drive to Liege on wednesday for a 4 to 5 hour tattoo session
- Leave for Amsterdam on Thursday morning, fly to Toronto (layover @ Kennedy Intl)
- Arrive in Toronto late on thursday June 29th
- Party in Toronto on saturday, July 1st
- Leave for Amsterdam sunday July 2nd, layover in Cincinatti, arrive on the 3th
- Go to work on tuesday July 4th.

My travel passport is still valid - yeah, I checked - the price of the fare is acceptable, and I've got the time off. I just wonder how smart it is to go sit on a plane for 14 hours after getting inked the day before. Flying 6000 kilometers for a party, does that make sense? Well, in my defence, I've done it before but then I flew into the USA, then roadtripped (10h) to Canada, and that was to attend a BBQ on new years eve.

I think I'll sleep on it for a day or two.

An evening well spent

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I just got home a couple of minutes ago, after a fun evening - and part of the night I presume - out with Jess & Mark. They had invited me for a meal, but Jess refused to say where we were going. I turned out that they had arranged a table in Yamayu Santatsu, a Japanese restaurant in the center of Antwerp. As some of you may recall, I was convinced I'd be quite fond of Japanese food and today just confirmed my assumption : I love Japanese food. I had a Sushi Menu, which contained a starter, followed by soup, then sashimi, tempura and finally a mix of various sushi and a desert. Very very yummy!

For all it's worth, the restaurant looked quite authentic to me, which of course I can't confirm as I've never been to Japan - maybe some day? - but the fact that quite a few Japanese people were frequenting the place speaks for itself I'd say. The food was delicious, the waitress friendly and correct, and helpful once they realized you were not used to Japanese food. They happily explained the various dishes and rolls, and offered a choice of drinks. The chopsticks were not a problem for us, as we're all quite handy with them.

After a long and fulfilling meal, we headed off to the Sinksenfoor in Antwerp, and after some commotion that happened to cross our path in search for a parking spot, we finally found a place and toured the fair. We didn't do that much attractions, but had fun nevertheless. Thanks Jess, thanks Mark!

For those of you interested in the address of the Japanese restaurant, here are the details :

Yamayu Santatsu
Ossenmarkt 19
2000 Antwerp
Open from 12h00 till 14h00 and 18h30 till 22h30 (closed on mondays)
Telephone : +32 (0)3 234.09.49
Review on resto.be


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When I got home this morning, as I was parking the car, the BeeGees were blasting through the speakers and everybody was Stayin' Alive. Well, the blasting was relatively mild because I didn't want to wake the neighbors at 6h30, but the fact remains that I was in a very good mood.

I've just slept for 3 hours, and my mood is definitely less good now, though that probably won't last. I'll be feeling better in no time. How would you feel after a long nightshift and only a couple of hours of sleep? Right, with that settled, let's move on to the next issue, shall we?

When I opened my mailbox a couple of minutes ago, I was pleasantly suprised : it was filled with stuff! I normally don't get that much mail, so today's number of things inside really was refreshing. Some things that have been on my internal "when the hell is it gonna show up"-list for a gazillion days were present, and the ratio of "interesting vs. bills" was quite acceptable too, so I can officially declare this Good Mail Day. There you go, happy everyone?

Now, does anyone know the expansion rate of water when going from liquid to solid/frozen? Last night at work we were having a little discussion and during the course of the talks, we needed to know how much water would expand. Needless to say, none of us had a clue, so we called someone at 3h30 that should know. The benefits of working in a 24/7 industrial environment, I suppose. Well, he couldn't tell us right away, but could look it up. We declined the offer and focussed on the more practical issues of our energy producing idea we had. However, today I recall we still don't know the expansion ratio of water, so I just looked it up :

It is usual for liquids to contract on freezing and expand on melting. This is because the molecules are in fixed positions within the solid but require more space to move around within the liquid.

When water freezes at 0°C, at atmospheric pressure, its volume increases by about 9%. If the melting point is lowered by increased pressure, the increase in volume on freezing is even greater (e.g. 13% at -20°C).(source : Explanation of the Anomalies of Water)

Now you know, though I must admit I have not checked the above statement. 9% is quite a lot more than we expected as we were "working" with a 3% expansion ratio. D., if you happen to read this, this really improves the efficiency of our idea :)

I've really got my doubts about this idea, and it seems I'm not the only one...

ST. PETERSBURG, June 12 (RIA Novosti) - Sevmash shipyard company will sign a contract with state-owned nuclear power generating monopoly Rosenergoatom to construct and test a floating nuclear reactor on June 14, the president of the Kurchatov research institute said Monday.

"This week, we, together with Kiriyenko (head of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Power) will be in Severodvinsk where a contract on construction of the first floating nuclear power plant will be signed," Yevgeny Velikhov said.

Sevmash has won a tender on the floating nuclear reactor for a low-power thermal and electric power plant in May this year.

"The first station will provide electric and thermal energy to Sevmash [shipyard in Severodvinsk]," the company said. "It is planned to construct such plants in remote regions of [Russia's] Far North and Far East."

The project to construct a low-power nuclear power plant was developed under a federal target program on effective energy usage.

The Sevmash plant in the Arkhangelsk Region is also building two Borey-class nuclear submarines to be equipped with Bulava missiles. The first submarine, the Yury Dolgoruky, will be commissioned in 2006 and the second, the Alexander Nevsky, in 2007. (source : RIA Novosti)

Want to make money?

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Still waaaay too hot for me to handle. The promised thunderstorms didn't materialize, so we're still stuck with +30 degree temperatures :(

I've prepped the nicest of healthy meals for a (long) nightshift : lettuce, hard boiled eggs, cucumber, a bit of fish, tomato, carrots and radish. Yummy and light at the same time.

Those of you I "spammed" with a rabobank.be offer, do it :) I've been a client for over a year now and am very pleased with it. Use them as an additional bank, not your main account and just park your extra cash with them for a 3% interest rate. Much more than what most mainstraim banks offer. Or you could invest in some green technology and get a (limited) tax free 6% profit, but not everyone may be up to that yet. Ask for details if you want to know. Note : the 6% rate is only available to Belgians as far as I know and on profits above 150 euro per year, a tax will be imposed, however still resulting in an above average profit.


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It's still insanely hot and while I've been able to keep the heat out for 2 days, today the temperature inside has risen to an uncomfortable 27° Celsius as well. Tai is suffering from it and so am I. Temperatures like this make it quite difficult to sleep enough during the day, so I've been tossing and turning again, and in the end just got out of bed around 15h00. I hope I don't pay for it tonight when I start my first nightshift.

Some time was spent yesterday filing papers and doing some balancing on the accounts and checking and paying bills. Today I requested some information about new windows so I can see what's in my reach and what is definitely out.

I cooked myself a nice rice and chicken dish for later tonight : rice, chicken (marinated in soy sauce), paprika (red & green), pods and spices. Should be yummy and healthy as well.

The Californian appeal court decided on 26 May that online journalists and bloggers have the same right to protect their sources as all other journalists. The case was brought to court by Apple Computer demanding from a number of news website operators to reveal the source of confidential information posted about some of its products.

Initially the trial court had ruled in favour of Apple but the appeal court changed this decision stating that the defendants were protected by California's reporter's shield law, as well as the constitutional privilege against disclosure of confidential sources.

A major point in the case was whether the writers involved deserved the protection of the First Amendment and the sites involved could be considered a "newspaper, magazine or other periodical publication" as it is expressed by the law.

The Californian Court of Appeal's decision is considered as a major victory for press freedom. "This is a victory for the rights of journalists, be they online or offline journalists, and it's a victory for the public at large", said Kurt Opsahl, the staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the group that represented the journalists. "It protects the free flow of information to the press and from the press to the public".

Reporters Without Borders added: "The Californian appeal court's decision is historic because it gives a new legitimacy to bloggers. Even though they do not have press cards, they will henceforth have right of place in the world of news and information".

The case highlights the lack of precedents in the UK regarding the journalistic protection. The Contempt of Court Act of 1981 is an equivalent act protecting journalists and although the law does not provide absolute protection for sources, the court is required to decide whether the request for source identification is sufficiently in the public, justice or national security interest to over-ride a general presumption of source protection. Recent cases have tended to favour the journalist's right to protect his sources.

John MacKenzie, a Solicitor Advocate and partner with Pinsent Masons law firm suggested that the Contempt of Court Act is broad enough to cover operators of Internet news wires, blogs or other new media content.
(source : EDRI-gram newsletter Number 4.11, 7 June 2006)

Decision in Apple vs Does (20.05.2006)

Huge Win for Online Journalists' Source Protection (26.05.2006)

Court ruling protecting bloggers' sources hailed as historic (30.05.2006)

UK bloggers also likely to be Apple-proof (01.06.2006)

A lazy sunday

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I'm not going to the tattoo convention today. I only got up a couple of minutes ago, and spending time in a hot car is not really something I feel like right now. Instead I'm gonna watch my HT match (agaist ellykes, a game I really should win in order to keep my ranking acceptable) and then read a book on the terrace. Yes, it's gonna be a lazy sunday!


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I just got home about 20 minutes ago, and to be honest, I had enough. Hatebreed, the Black Dahlia Murder and hardcore in general is not really my thing. I did enjoy Angel Crew a bit, but that was mostly due to it consisting of 2 lead singers, 3 guitarist and a drummer, where most bands I know only have one lead singer. M. later explained - after I told her I found that suprising - that hardcore bands often have a singer and a screamer. The first singer sounded like "AAARRRAAAAGGHHHHH" and the second one like "AAARRRAAAAGGHHHHH". In other words, I couldn't tell who was the singer and who was the screamer, or they both did the two?

Am I sorry I spent an evening at a HC concert? No, I'm not, but I think I next time I really have to bring my earplugs! I'll be suffering from exploded earducts for the next two weeks or so. Now, of course all of you want to know how the blind date that wasn't a blind date went?

It didn't go anywhere, and I'm perfectly fine with that. I enjoyed myself, M. enjoyed herself - I think - and we may hang out again in the future. We like the same things (apart from hardcore then maybe), think alike and have an equally foul mouth. She's a fun person to be around, but she has to deal with some serious issues from the past before she can move on. Is that fair to say about a person I've only known for three days, of which two days consisted of chatting on the web? Maybe not, but I'm saying/writing it anyway.

When going out with someone, don't bring the past up all the time. Yes the wounds are fresh, yes the issue still lingers, yes you did run into your ex-boyriend, yes this, yes that. Bring it up once, then let it rest. First time I listened, second time I listened, third time I listened out of courtesy, after that I got a little annoyed with the issue.

Honesty is a bitch, ain't it? It was a fun night out though!

Tik Tik Tik (blind date)

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So far so good, this afternoon was quite enjoyable. First we met up at the Groenplaats, then we went for a couple of drinks in the Irish pub, and we made fun of the people passing by. Then we had something to eat and headed back home. I just got back from the store, and now I'm watching the news. In about 20 minutes I'm leaving to pick up M. again and then we're off to Hof Ter Lo to see Hatebreed, Born From Pain, the Black Dahlia Murder, Angel Crew and Blind Sight. Not really my kind of music, but I'm open to everything, maybe it'll be good.

I just hope it won't be too hot in there, I'm already overheated as it is from sitting in the sun this afternoon. Laters!

Bloody Hot

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My internal thermometer doesn't go past 22° Celsius - anything above that and it reads "Bloody Hot". That's the temperature outside, or at least it felt like that when I opened the terrace window to kick Tai out for his sunbathing session. He was nagging me all the time while I was taking a shower and giving myself a summer haircut. I've got a blind date kind of thing later this afternoon, but we're not calling it that. Which is good because if it were a blind date, I'd have to bring a blindfold and a white stick. And I ain't good with white sticks. Blindfolds on the other hand...

I've got some clothes in the laundrymachine and I hope they're done by the time I have to leave, otherwise I'll have to show up naked and everyone that runs into me will wish they'd been on a blind date :p

OK, a quick stop at the supermarket for food and necessities, and then it's out into the blazing sun. Aaaargh, my eyes!

Which reminds me : buy solar protection at the supermarket, or I'll end up fried and crispy.

The Knights who say Ni!

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I got home after my early shift today, and did some things around the house. While doing so I noticed my sofa and I immediately crashed. When I sort of woke up it was about a quarter to seven and too late to go grab some extra food, so I took a look in my fridge and freezer and created a nice salmon and mie dish.

Today that hyped up to the max event starts, what's it called? Oh yes, the World Cup. I guarantee you that here at friedkitten.com, no WC news will be posted, unless it has serious social impact. The simple fact that 22 people run after each other on a field of grass, chasing a round object and kicking it - with some luck into a predefined area called the goal - no matter what country or how "good" they are, doesn't give it any relevance. It's still just a game, and I despise how all stations think they "score" by forcing the crap onto their viewers. No matter where you look, football, football, football. Arrrrgh! I draw a red card!

Here's my week in TV :

Friday June 9th
- Tribe [Canvas - 20h50]
- Meetballs III [VT4 - 22h30]
- The Shield [VT4 - 00h05]
- Queens Supreme [VTM - 00h15]

Saturday June 10th
- nothing worthwhile noticed. Anyone have suggestions?

Sunday June 11th
- Panorama : Een droomhuwelijk (about InBev) [Canvas - 20h00]
- In de ban van Urbanus [Een - 20h20]
- Third Watch [VTM - 00h10]

Monday June 12th
- Dieren in Nesten [Een - 20h05]
- Spooks [Canvas - 22h10]
- Feel the Force [BBC2 - 22h30]

Tueday June 13th
- The Human Body [Canvas - 20h50]
- 't Zal je maar gebeuren [Nederland 1 - 22h45]

Wednesday June 14th
- Flodder [VTM - 21h20]
- Monty Python's Flying Circus [Canvas - 00h25]

Thursday June 15th
- Thunder Beasts [National Geographic - 13h00]
- Horizon : The Genius Sperm Bank [BBC2 - 22h00]
- De Wereld van Tarantino : The Children of Leningradsky [Canvas - 22h20]
- Traffic Cops [BBC1 - 22h30]

That's it for today!


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I've just spent about 30 minutes working through some legal papers that I found in my mailbox today. I think I'm starting to grasp what all the mumbojumbo means, but I ain't sure yet. Nice, ain't it?

Tomorrow an info session about the new tramway will be held not too far away from my place, so I may hop in after to work to take a look. I'm fairly positive about it all, so it could be interesting to see what direction everything is heading to.

Now I'm gonna relax a bit, play some DefJam Fight for NY while Tai sits outside and takes a sunbath. It's finally sunny indeed!

Turning Japanese

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I do recall why I ended up there, but don't recall how. Allow me to explain : Today my DVD copy of Memoirs of a Geisha arrived, and within was a leaflet about travelling to Japan. Several clicks later, I ended up at Planet Tokyo, where especially the Food section had me drooling.

How come all their food looks, sounds - and probably tastes - so incredibly good?

Change of plans

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Well, that went a bit different than I suspected. I'm of course talking about looking up documents and requirements in regard to grants. When I logged off on the laptop and switched on the desktop I received a mail from someone who had seen an online profile of me. We started mailing and talking and before I knew it, it was past five thirty and we'd been chatting for 2 and a half hour. We'll see how things develop, I've enjoyed the talks, that's for sure.

Home improvement

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The past few days I've been thinking about doing some home improvement, or rather, have some done. When I - well, back then it was still "we" - bought this place the glazing was single glass in aluminum profiles. It keeps the wind and rain out, but that's about it. Since double glazing offers more comfort and a better insulation, I've been considering replacing the old windows with new ones. However, if I do so, I'd not go for the regular glass, but HR+ (or HR++) glass with a U value of less than 1.1 W/m².K if possible. I'm aware that there are a lot of grants available from energy suppliers, the federal government, as well as tax cuts, so today I'll invest a day to look up possibilities and gather all documents, requirements and such.

Then tomorrow I'll call and mail some companies to get a price quote to have it all replaced. When all offers are in, I'll decide what to get and where to get it.

a Hattrick post

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For the time being, Red Hot Beavers is at a tied 3rd place in the competition, but that is most likely to change after today's game. We're playing R.U.S.G, a team that's is firmly in the lead and which has yet to concede the first goal. Combine those facts with our last weeks MOTS and we'd be happy to get away with a 0-3 loss, but I think it'll be much worse.

Well, we had to meet the best of the series sooner or later, and the next 3 weeks it is one after another. So our current tied 3rd place is not really realistic I suppose. If we can survive this season and not be demoted to a lower class, that would be quite an accomplishment in itself.


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Everyone bursts out in laughter when I tell them the latest Tai story, but less and less I see the fun in it all. Yesterday evening when I came home after a long day at work, Tai greets me in his regular way : miauw, then go ravish some carpet with his claws, followed by a cuddle. I walk around the sofa - where another wet spot is, so the damn fool pissed on it once more! - and I step right into a sea of water. Apparently just dipping your paws into the water bowl is for kittens, young adult tigers - as Tai considers himself - play with the complete bowl.

Since I "reinforced" said bowl with a plate underneath to catch spilled water, the new trick is to put your full weight on the edge so everything tips over. Then you can lap up water from the floor, and believe it or not, that floor water is much more tasty!

After bursting out in anger yesterday, and pulling off my soaked socks, I cleaned up. Today... exactly the same. And as this post is being written, the foolish tiger is chasing his own tail. Right under my curtains, of course, so each time his misses that hard to catch wiggly thing called a tail, he's sure to strike some part of the curtain with his long, sharp killer nails.

Cats are fun, don't you agree?

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This page is an archive of entries from June 2006 listed from newest to oldest.

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