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Where did the night go? It seems I "forgot" to sleep last night, although that's not really correct. I did head off to bed, but then started tossing and turning so I turned on the light and decided to read a bit. After a couple of pages, on which I couldn't really focus, I decided to go check up on some things on the web, so I went over to the living room, grabbed the laptop and headed back to bed. when 8 'o clock rolled around I got up - tired by that time - and off to the bakery it was.

A couple of "koffiekoekses" and reading the Sunday paper later I really kicked off my day by being mad at Tai because he turned his drinking water into a swimming pool again, and then I started taking apart the ferrets cage which was still firmly planted in my living room. How many months has it been now, since I lost my last carpetshark? It doesn't matter, the mere idea makes tears well up in my eyes.

Anyway, today was true closure time I suppose, by removing all the extra fences around the cage - because back in the days, Tisha was an escape artist - I can now clean it very well and then either store it, or give it away to the shelter. I've not yet decided what it'll be. I still have ferret food as well, and even though Tai seems to like it, it also upsets his stomach, so I've been fishing ferret food out of cat food for the past month. I acted a bit hastely when I decided to mix the both because Tai liked it, or so I thought.

Next thing on the list : wake the neighbors by drilling a hole in the wall and attaching a nesting cage to the wall of the front terrace. Hey, it's past ten already, they should be glad I waited that long to make a noise. I could have done it at 02h30 last night!

I wonder how (long) I'll get through the day? How do you do it, on no sleep?

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