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I got up way too late, spent loads of time playing Travian on three different servers and then went out to the store for food and some tools and things I needed. I also bought Tai a new combined food and water bowl, which will hopefully keep him from turning his drinking water into a swimmingpool. So far no luck...

Then I went out onto the terrace, cleaned up the wooden flowerbed encasing and gave it two new layers of paint. Unfortunately, I bought the wrong paint, so to be honest I should go back tomorrow and buy a varnish/finish, but I decided to screw it and leave it as it is. It'll hold up for a few years, so I'll do it properly when it's due again. I also replaced the temporary fence I installed yesterday with a more permanent solution, because that tiger of mine already found a way around the temp one.

Now I should go make myself a nice dinner, and then... who knows? Set up my Hattrick team, that's for sure, but the rest is quite undecided.

Tomorrow I may get around to doing some work in the bedroom, one wall needs the remainder of the paper removed, cleaned up, some cracks and holes filled up and then ultimately redecorated, but that won't happen tomorrow.

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