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I'm sitting in my livingroom, having a cereal breakfast while entertaining Tai. After work I went over to J&M's place to take care of their three tigers and feed them.

In under 48 hours a new gun control law is going in effect in Belgium, seriously limiting which weapons are available to purchase freely. Even though I don't need a gun or a rifle, have no real reason to "want" one, as many people I've been thinking about buying one. I think that reaction comes from a "don't tell me what I can or can't do" sentiment because as I see it, one individual fucks up and kills 2 people, injuring a third one badly, and everyone pays for it by more limits being imposed. Sometimes it makes me feel as if we're all treated as babies in a kindergarten.

Is it obvious that I don't like being told what to do? I think I'm perfectly capable of deciding for myself what I want, need or like, and I don't need anyone telling me what's right or wrong, legal or illegal. That being said, I don't think I'll go out and buy a gun, not even to give the government the virtual middle finger. That would be plain stupid I think, but this issue runs deeper than I expected at first. What's next?

Mind you, this entry is not about being opposed to gun control laws, nor is it promoting weapons in any way. It's just the topic currently used to show that I value freedom and freedom of speech, freedom to decide, and likewise things very much. And it reminds me that tor has seen a new and improved stable release a couple of days ago. Go grab it!

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